Thursday, April 27, 2017

Batch approaches and Java EE development on Cloud

I've written a blog post about how can you pursue different approaches to run batch executions using Mule. This is a proof of concept to demonstrate how a well-thought design is in many cases better than using the out-of-the-box features a platform provides.

Bring your thoughts with you and comment it. I'd like to start a conversation about this.

Find it in my company's blog:

On another idea, SDJournal magazine re-published an old article about Java EE development on the cloud using IBM PureApplication System (PureApp) and IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD). I have to point out that this is rather old but the principles still apply, even though RAD no longer supports PureApp since version 9.1, I think, but it provides a set of Eclipse plugins that can be installed on top of RAD the will allow to deploy and start Java applications on it (even though not in the same UI fashion it does allow using Eclipse-like procedures).

Have a glance here:

Happy reading!


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