Thursday, April 20, 2017

Starting over my own blog

Over the past few years I've used different blog platforms just for the convenience that the companies I worked for already had them up and running. Of course this is a bad practice I've been doing and this is my plan to do things right: Starting my own blog.

First of all, I want to recapitulate my previous content here, so if you're interested in my past work this is the right starting point.

First, I started using IBM developerWorks when I was an IBM employee. I mainly blogged about IBM Rational Application Developer and technologies such as Node.js, Apache Cordova, Swift, API economy and many other things

After IBM I decided to do something a little different. I switched to a company named Tacit Knowledge[1], a company focused on building e-commerce solutions. There I posted about IoT

My stay there was really short so I decided to post my two-part blog elsewhere, this time in a forum more adequate for the IoT topic, so I chose Instructables

Anyway, like I said before, something that I've been doing wrong but want to correct now. I hope you enjoy reading this and also that you find the things I post useful. Do not hesitate to ask, I love having constructive conversations as I like to learn from other point of views.

To you, my dear reader, thank you for taking time to read me.


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